Organisation Chart

SRIB is led by a Chairman and 15 members including three (3) ex-officio and a General Manager. Details concerning the Board of Directors are described in the Sabah Rubber Fund Board Enactment 1981.

SRIB Organisation Chart

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The Group Chief Executive is the General Manager who is assisted by five (5) Deputy General Managers according to their respective departments.

The Board divided into five (5) main operations department as follows:-

  1. Administration Department
  2. Finance Department
  3. Industrial Operations Department
  4. Smallholders Development Department
  5. Rubber Settlement Schemes Department


SRIB currently has 663 employees. Information on the positions are as follows:-

Service Group Total Posts
Top Management 1
Management and professional 22
Pelaksana I 328
Pelaksana II 312
Total 663
Information in this page was last updated on 11 May, 2016.