Block Rubber New Planting

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The newplanting project is created to expand into new areas for rubber planting.  The objective for the implementation of this project is to reduce the hard-core poverty rate, by creating a permanent farming system that can provided a steady and sustainable income, and able to increase their living standards out of the poverty line income level. The target group for this project are owners of idle land, self-sufficient farmers practicing shifting cultivation, and poor folks living in the rural and isolated areas. Each project participant is given direct assistance to the amount of RM10,500 per hectare.

According to the target in the 9th Malaysian Plan, approximately 12,000 hectares have been set for the development of this project. The project allotment ceiling for the year 2009, in the amount of RM31,500,000 is obtained from the Federal Government through Sabah Development Corridor (SDC) (76%), Sabah State Government (17%), and rubber replanting cess (7%).

Please refer to the terms and conditions to qualify for the Block Rubber Planting Programme for more information.

Information in this page was last updated on 22 July, 2014.