Administration Department



The Administration Department is responsible for carrying out general administrative tasks by providing support services to sections or units. The services provided include:-

  1. Job, service or supply acquisitions
  2. Organising management meetings
  3. Safety
  4. Cleanliness
  5. Maintenance and small repair works within the building
  6. Client complaints/feedback
  7. Announcements and news releases/exhibition
  8. Liaison
  9. Staff appointments
  10. Employee service affairs
  11. Employee pension / salary
  12. Receipt and delivery of quality records
  13. General office activities
  14. Issuance of travel warrants, reservations, and lodging
  15. General administrative issues
  16. Secretariat for Service Scheme Examinations (Peperiksaan Skim Perkhidmatan)
  17. Secretariat for department-level employee courses/trainings

More information can be found in our Clients Charter section.

For more information on job vacancy and industrial training placement, please refer to our FAQ section.

Information in this page was last updated on 31 January, 2013.