Finance Department


Main functions of this department are as follows:-

  1. Handling of the Accounts System according to the procedures of the State Finance and Statutory Boards Procedures.
  2. Processing payments to customers.
  3. Revenue collection.
  4. Auditing of financial records.
  5. Providing information and guidance to the management.


  1. Payment of State and Federal development expenditure.
  2. Payment of State operations expenditures.
  3. Credit management from Sabah Credit Corporation and the State Treasury.
  4. Collection of replanting cess.
  5. Collection of research cess.
  6. Tabung A (Estet)
  7. Income and expenditure from SMR and rubber specialty.
  8. Income and expenditure from sales of plantings from SRIB nurseries.
  9. Interest from fixed deposit.

Source of Finance – Development Programmes

The Board’s development programme is based on the projects of the 8th Malaysia Plan, whereby the source of finance for the Board is obtained through the following:-

  1. Federal Development Fund.
  2. State Development Fund.
  3. State Operations Fund.
  4. Replanting cess.
  5. Research cess.
Information in this page was last updated on 16 June, 2011.