Rubber Purchasing Division



Rubber Purchasing Division (PG) carries out the following activities:-

  1. Purchasing.
  2. SMR Testing.
  3. Smallholder’s Training.
  4. Enforcement.


The objectives of the Rubber Purchasing Division (PG) are as follows:-

  1. To provide purchasing services directly to smallholders at farm gate.
  2. To process smallholders’ rubber in Factory.
  3. To provide training to smallholders at Tuaran Training Centre or In situ.
  4. Transferring new technologies to smallholders in the field of agronomy and processing.
  5. To enforce LIGS Enactment 1980 Amendment 2012, enforcement and licensing.

Please click here for the clients charter of this department.

Information in this page was last updated on 15 August, 2019.