Smallholders Development Division



  1. Create a high, permanent and sustainable income amongst rubber smallholders, particularly in the rural areas.
  2. Increase rubber cultivation area in the state of Sabah based on the concept of rubber as a strategic crop.
  3. Increase rubber production to two (2) tonnes per hectare per year.


The main objectives of this Department is to assist farmers or rural citizens to:-

  1. Guarantee the improvement of income by increasing the yield of their estates
  2. Eradicate / reduce the rate of poverty
  3. Reduce / halt the practice of shifting cultivation;
  4. Increase the effectiveness of delivery systems


The strategies used to achieve these objectives are through:-

  1. Rubber newplanting programme with timber latex rubber clones in clusters in new areas;
  2. Rubber replanting programme with timber latex rubber clones in clusters in moribund rubber areas;
  3. Replanting moribund rubber with other approved crops;
  4. Upgrading of plantation roads.

Please click here for the clients charter of this department.

District offices

The Smallholders Development Section of SRIB operates its socio-economic activities in the following districts:-

  1. Beaufort
  2. Beluran 
  3. Bongawan 
  4. Keningau 
  5. Kota Belud 
  6. Kota Marudu
  7. Kuala Penyu 
  8. Matunggong / Kudat
  9. Membakut 
  10. Nabawan
  11. Papar
  12. Penampang
  13. Pitas 
  14. Ranau
  15. Sipitang
  16. Tambunan
  17. Tawau
  18. Telupid
  19. Tenom
  20. Tongod
  21. Tuaran

More information can be found in our Clients Charter section.

Information in this page was last updated on 26 October, 2017.