Policies and Strategies



  1. Establish a permanent and sustainable source of income for farmers practicing shifting cultivation as well as poor and hard-core poor farmers.
  2. Increase the productivity and income of the smallholders.
  3. Place farmers practicing shifting cultivation or farmers who do not own any land to rubber settlement schemes.
  4. Intensify the transfer of new technology to rubber smallholders.
  5. Provide processing and marketing facilities for rubber smallholders.
  6. Promote the growth of rubber and rubberwood-based downstream industries.


  1. Smallholders productivity in the rural area can be increased through:-
    • Enhancement of yield by rubber smallholders which can be achieved with high-yield rubber planting and by promoting clustered planting.
    • Creation of downstream industries.
    • Rehabilitation of diseased and unproductive smallfarms.
    • Adequate development services and advisory facilities.
    • Implementation of rubber settlement scheme.
  2. Adequate marketing facilities for rubber smallholders can be identified through:-
    • Direct purchase from smallholders by the Rubber Purchasing Unit, Industrial Operations Department.
    • Construction of Group Rubber Processing Centres to process latex into high-quality sheets. These centres also act as information disseminators concerning modern techniques on rubber planting and processing.
  3. Job opportunities to benefit a rewarding income can be achieved through:-
    • Training facilities that are held relating to modern planting and processing techniques to the population / youths in the rural area.
    • The ability of trainees to work as modern rubber tappers or become modern smallfarmers.
    • Resettlement of farmers practicing shifting cultivation and/or rural unemployed persons as well as low-income fishermen, to clustered rubber plantations.
    • Construction of rubber factories to increase the production of high-specification rubber (SMR).
Information in this page was last updated on 1 February, 2013.