Monsoon Season Aid (BMT)

Monsoon Season Aid (BMT) payments will be made at LIGS offices in all districts starting on 09 October 2019 or via electronic funds transfer (EFT) to smallholder accounts. Please check your payment status here
>>Semakan Bayaran BMT


Sabah Rubber Industry Board is a one-stop agency involved in all rubber related activity for rubber smallholders in Sabah, Malaysia.

Our Vision & Mission

The Board strives to achieve its vision to create a Modern, Progressive and Dynamic Rubber Industry. Our mission is as follows:

“Development of an integrated Rubber Industry through efficient management of smallholder sector, increase commercial production and diversification of downstream industry for competitive Global Market.”

More on our policies and strategies can be found in the Introduction page.

The Rubber Industry Board (Amendment) Enactment 2013 is now available. Click here to download.

REWARD TO INFORMERS-Click here for more information (Malay version).

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Information in this page was last updated on 9 October, 2019.