Specialty Rubber

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Specialty rubber are produced by the Beaufort Specialty Rubber Factory. The grades of specially rubber produced are Superpoly (SP), Propoly (PA), Megapoly (MG) and Megatex (MX).

Superpoly (SP) Rubber & Propoly (PA) Rubber

SP Rubber produced at the Beaufort Factory is a superior quality polymer. It is a blend of vulcanised natural rubber intimately dispersed in a matric of unvulcanised (raw) natural rubber. The various grades produced are SP 20, SP 40, SP 50 and PVR.

The prime function of SP rubber is to improve processing qualities of rubber mixed in both natural and synthetic rubber. If used in extrusion, there is lower die swell, faster production of smooth surfaces and improved shape retention resulting in lower wastage and rejects. If used in moulding, there is less air-trapping whilst used in open steam-curing, there is a reduced sag, less distortion and less water marking.

Another variant of SP Rubber is PA Rubber, which is a concentrated form of SP Rubber which has special properties for use in elastomers.

SP/PA rubber is used in the following areas:-

  • Tubing
  • Hoses
  • Door seals
  • Car screen seals
  • Wipers
  • Solvent cements

Megapoly (MG) Rubber & Megatex (MX)

MG and MX rubbers are industrial high performance polymers manufactured under strict control conditions by graft polymerisations of Methyl mathacrylate in natural latex: available in both dry and latex form. The grades produced by the Beaufort Specialty Rubber Factory are MG 30, MG 49, MX 15, MX 30, MX 49 and LS. These products have excellent adhesive properties for bonding, able to increase modulus (stiffness) without loss of tensile strength and high impact resistance. The various MG grades produced are used for the following:-

  1. Adhesive tapes especially pressure sensitive tapes;
  2. Surgical tapes;
  3. Bonding rubber soles to shoes of leather/plastic;
  4. Bonding for flooring;
  5. General bonding of rubber to PVC, synthetic fibres, leather, metals and other polymers e.g. chopping boards for food, pressureless tennis balls, hard rollers, rigid tubing, electrical plugs, etc.
(Source: Kilang Getah Specialti Beaufort. Buku Aturcara Pembukaan Rasmi. 1999, Nov 27)

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